Skincare and Wellness Products

Age IQ


Intelligent skincare has arrived with Neora’s Age IQ® Night Cream and Age IQ® Day Cream — the ultimate combo for combating aging around the clock. Pair this with the double cleansing face wash for gentle and effective cleaning. 

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Illumaboost Brightening and Shield


 This brilliant booster amplifies your skincare regimen by adding ingredients to your existing products that help brighten, hydrate and guard against environmental stressors. Simply mix a couple of pumps with your Night or Day Cream, foundation or sunscreen for a quick boost of skin-benefitting ingredients. 

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Eye Serum and Hydrogel Patches


For everyday age-fighting or a quick, occasional “pick-me-up,” our Eye Serum and Eye-V® Patch combo has you covered. Use the Eye Serum daily for both immediate and long-term benefits and the Eye Patches anytime you need a boost of intensive hydration. 

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 Prolistic Lotion features our exclusive ProRenew Plus, a prebiotic and probiotic lysate blend, which improves skin cell renewal, natural exfoliation and supports a healthy skin microbiome. This unique lotion helps skin maintain a healthy barrier function, while also leaving it feeling hydrated and nourished.

The delicious Prolistic Probiotic Powder contains 15 billion CFUs of two strains of probiotics (lactobacillius acidophilius and bifidobacterium longum), plus two types of prebiotics, which work synergistically to help support your digestive health and enhance levels of beneficial bacteria.* Plus, essential vitamins help support the body’s immune system and natural energy production.* It dissolves in your mouth, no water required, so it’s perfect for taking on-the-go. 

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Youth Factor


  This synergistic duo supports health at the cellular level to help boost your body into its optimal state of well-being. Featuring our proprietary Youth Factor® enzyme blend and Complex NAA™ blend, these products defend against free radical damage, support the immune system, help balance the body’s pH levels and reveal brighter-looking skin.* 

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EHT Natural Health Product helps enhance memory and cognitive functions in adults while also metabolizing carbohydrates, fats and proteins. *



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Most Popular Product: Firm Body Contour Cream

Neora’s breakthrough formula helps to firm and tone the appearance of problem areas for a sleeker, more youthful-looking body.*


New Products!!

Acne Pads

Finally, a breakthrough for breakouts! Neora’s Acne Treatment Pads work in five key ways to tackle breakouts, blackheads, clogged pores and blemished skin in one easy-to-use product. *


This innovative daily SPF protects your face and neck from premature aging due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, blue light from digital devices, and environmental stressors such as pollution and smoke.*

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Staff Favorites


Dr. Ballenger's Favorite Product

"I sometimes have insomnia and the sleep chew helps me fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed - before my alarm goes off! The Energy Chew allows me to feel energized through the day; I love them both!" - Dr. B

Wellness Chews work to help balance your circadian rhythm – the internal clock that regulates your sleep/wake cycle – so you feel alert and function at your best during the day, and so you can get healthy, restful sleep at night.* 

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.    

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