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Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is a way to provide high quality primary and preventative healthcare to my patients by cutting out the middleman, or insurance, from our relationship.  I will provide care directly to patients for a simple, flat membership fee that covers most of your healthcare needs.  

Wendy Ballenger, DO

I am Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. I love working with all ages! I am also a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who uses OMT (osteopathic manipulative therapy/treatment). This is a gentle treatment used to realign your spine, muscles, soft tissues. lymphatic system, sinuses, etc which can help multiple medical issues. I am a graduate of Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine (2009) and I did my Med/Peds residency at the University of Kentucky (2009-2013). I love traveling and having new experiences with my husband and spent 9 months in New Zealand as a hospitalist in Kaitaia. I have also worked locum tenens all over the country as an outpatient provider and met many wonderful people. I am conversational in ASL. My husband and I have finally settled down in Olive Branch and love it here. We both look forward to providing a needed service to the community. You can email me at: DrB@charmeddpc.com

Michael, Office Manager

I am working with Charmed DPC in the front office with scheduling, recruitment and billing. I love history and teaching. I am a 20 year army vet, and am proud to have served our country. I am also fluent in ASL, conversational in German and Arabic (but not an interpreter in any of these). I also love to travel and am excited to help my wife with her practice. You can email me at: Michael@charmeddpc.com

About Charmed Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care

At Charmed DPC, I will have a smaller than average patient panel. This means I will have longer to spend with my patients. I will be able to have a better relationship with my patients, know them better and provide them better care. 

Why Charmed?

Honestly, my family says I'm lucky or charmed. However, I feel like my "luck" is really due to hard work and perseverance. One of my good friends, Tammy, always says I have a charming way of speaking (silver tongue, really). I don't know if that is really true! But I do feel blessed to be able to provide this type of care for people. So I feel charmed!