Being a member of a DPC is an amazing way to help take care of your annual or preventative health care needs. But sometimes accidents happen. That is why a catastrophic plan, like Sedera, could be right for you. Sedera is not the only health share available; but they are one that discounts their monthly shared amount if you are a member of a DPC.  They know that the level and quality of care you can get with someone who can spend time with you is much more beneficial.

Through MPowering Benefits Associates

Sedera Health Share

From Sedera's website: Sedera Health is a medical cost sharing community inspired by the modern sharing economy. Our non-insurance community is centered on a commitment to healthy living and sharing the cost of medical care. We provide access to quality healthcare at affordable prices for our members & their families. 

David Goss

Mr. Goss is our friendly health share advisor. Follow the purple button above for his contact info.